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September 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you have all had a good summer and enjoyed the sunshine, it’s lovely to welcome all of you back to school.


New Staff

We welcome two new teachers to school this week, Miss Asghar in Reception to work alongside the early years team and Miss Halstead in Year 1. Both are excited about joining Crofton Infants and working with your children. We also have a new lunchtime supervisor, Mrs Leach who will be supporting children during the lunch break, we welcome her to our team.



We have a new interim Senco, Mrs Bywater who will be in school one day each week. Mrs Bywater works at one of the other Trust schools and has many years’ experience, she has been into school this week to meet the children. She will support our children who have additional needs and their families, she will happily discuss any SEND concerns you have about your child. Please contact the office if you would like to speak with her.


School Day

Just a reminder the doors open at 8.40am, (8.30am for nursery). The doors remain open until 8.50am this is to allow 10mins for parents/carers time to drop children off in different classes either here at the Infant School or at the Junior School. All doors are closed at 8.50am for register and to secure the site, please take your child to the office if you arrive after this time. The school day ends at 3.15pm. We are aware how tight these times are for some parents and are looking at solutions to support parents if we are able.


School Milk

Children are entitled to a carton of milk in school up to the term before they turn 5 years old. This means all nursery children and some Reception children will have milk provided should they choose. If your child is over 5 and they would like milk, this can be ordered at www.schoolmilkuk.co.uk. If you have any problems please telephone the school office.


PE Days

PE will start next week for children in Year 1 & 2:

Mondays and Wednesdays for Year 2 (Mrs Butler & Mr O’Donnell)

Tuesday and Thursday for Year 1       (Miss Halstead & Mrs Allen)

Children should come to school on their PE day in their PE uniform, this is:

black or navy shorts

a plain white t-shirt/ polo shirt

black or navy jogging bottoms (outdoor PE)

black or navy sweatshirt/hoodie (outdoor PE)

Trainers or pumps

All clothing should be plain, clothing with logo’s or designs is not permitted. If children come to school in clothing which is not the PE uniform, they will be changed in to a school PE kit.


Reading Challenge

Reading books will be coming home for key stage 1 children in the next few days. Children should aim to read at home with an adult at least three times each week, please sign your child’s reading record each time they read. If your child has read 3 times or more and their reading record has been signed by Friday, they will receive a raffle ticket and be entered into a prize draw. The raffle will be drawn every Friday.



If your child needs an inhaler could you please make sure there is one in school and that the paperwork has been completed to allow staff to administer the medicine. Thank you


Nut Allergy

Can I politely remind parents that we are a no nut school. We have children in school who have nut allergies and coming into contact with nuts would be extremely dangerous. Therefore we ask that children do not bring nuts or nut products in lunch boxes. Thank you for helping to keep all our children safe.



Could all parents/carers tell the adults on the doors or let the office know if someone different is going to collect your child at the end of the school day. It is important that we follow safeguarding procedures and only allow children in to the care of a known adult. Please be aware that it may take a little time for teachers to recognise the adults who are collecting the children and please bear with them as they may not recognise all parents and grandparents if they don’t come to school every day.


Absences of a child away from school due to illness.

We would be grateful if you or another adult could telephone school on the first day of illness of your child, before 9.30am. Could we also remind you that if your child is absent from school due to sickness they should not return to school for 48hrs, we do this to reduce the risk of infection for all children in school.


Information System

Over the summer the school’s information system has changed and we are currently not able to send emails and text messages. Mrs Warwick and Mrs Caldow have been very busy this week learning the new system. Attached is a letter which explains how this system will support parents. I would be grateful if you could read the letter and set up the app. If you have any difficulties please contact the school office. Thank you


Could I please request that:

  1. All items of clothing, book bags and lunchboxes are clearly named;
  2. We do not allow any kind of fizzy drink in school for health and safety reasons, and we ask that you do not put sweets, chocolate or any nut products into your child’s lunch box;
  3. Jewellery is not worn to school for health and safety reasons.
  4. Children have a coat in school every day as the English weather can be unpredictable and we do not want any child to be cold or wet at playtime.
  5. Children only bring a book bag to school, we only have mobile cloakrooms in school and therefore we do not have anywhere to store rucksacks or large bags.
  6. Children do not bring toys to school, these are often lost or broken which can cause upset to your child.

The whole staff team are looking forward to working with you all over the next year. We will be holding parents consultations Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th October, but in the meantime, if you have any queries or concerns please contact your child’s class teacher.

Mrs C Holloway

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Due to health and safety, the school has had to close today because of no water. 18/06/2021